Edmonton diners stepped to help a new Japanese restaurant that was struggling after opening during the coronavirus pandemic. People from all over the city lined up outside Yoshii Express at Street and Whyte Avenue after local foodie Linda Hoang shared its story on her blog.

The restaurant became so popular so quickly that owner Alan Demachi had to close on Friday to restock for the weekend. He opened Yoshii Express just over a month ago, and business was incredibly slow because of the pandemic. So she snapped a picture of Demachi next to a bowl of Ramen, and shared it on social media Tuesday. Hearing stories of local businesses struggling brings me to tears.

Hoping to just make rent.

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Pls consider eating here! His story must have resonated, because within hours a lineup had formed outside the door. Demachi temporarily closed the restaurant on Friday, July 3 because he was out of ingredients to make his ramen, Japanese-style curries, and bento boxes. But he was back at it by Saturday. Hi everyone!! His daughter just sent me a message gave me permission to share. Alan Demachi is the owner of Yoshii Express in Edmonton. Linda Hoang.His story is so heartwarming, and has touched so many people seriously, SO manythat I wanted to make sure it lived on in a blog post.

He opened the new restaurant during the pandemic, in Mayand had been seriously struggling. Hi Lindork, This is really random but I felt the need to reach out to you. Today, my fiance and I met the owner of Yoshi Express, that is newly opened as of 4 weeks ago. The owner is an old man originally from Japan. He is beyond wholesome and very kind. While waiting for our order, this man shared how the restaurant has been really slow and was asking my fiance how he can get more customers.

In this picture, my fiance is trying to explain what social media is. The man mentioned that he thinks his daughter is working on it there is no website or any social media of his restaurant currently. This man also mentioned some concerns with rent but understood that it will take time to make a profit. If you ever have the time to, please check this new restaurant out. The food appears to be very authentic.

Fiance only got the chicken Yakitori but he thought it was really delicious. This place is truly a hole in the wall and I hope he can get more support. Anyways please do check out this place if you ever have time and to also meet this very kind man!

It took me a couple of weeks, but I finally stopped by on Tuesday, June 30, with Mike. Yoshii Express is small, with around 10 seats in total. It also has a pretty small menu, offering some affordable Japanese curries, bento boxes, appetizers and ramen. Alan, the sweet owner Lisa had told me about, was the only one working when we came in for lunch. We asked how business has been. I just hope to make rent.

I posted about Yoshii Express on Twitter firstat p. Hearing stories of local businesses struggling brings me to tears. Hoping to just make rent. Pls consider eating here! But are doing dine-in and take-out. Also delivery through Uber Eats but try to pick up if you can, cause of those steep delivery commissions.

Great Japanese curries, bentos and ramen bowls! Then I popped over to Facebook and then back to Instagram to share a post.

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The Facebook post was shared at p. The Instagram post shortly after that. In a matter of hours, literally, from p. There were line-ups out the door at Yoshii Express!Try simplifying your search or check for spelling errors.

Please list the number of place settings that you'd like, along with your order. How many people will be eating from this order? One order comes with six pieces. One order comes with two pieces. Chicken wings and potato croquette.

Yoshi express

Pan-fried beef rib eye with teriyaki sauce, served with two pieces of gyoza, salad, miso soup, and rice. Deep-froed tempura chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, served with two pieces of gyoza, miso soup and rice.

Japanese-style pork cutlet with two pieces of gyoza, salad and rice. Yoshi Express 6. Place Settings Place Settings.

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Appetizers Appetizers. Bento Bento. Curry Rice Curry Rice. Noodles Noodles. Beverages Beverages. No results for "" Try simplifying your search or check for spelling errors.

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SkipTheDishes is not involved with food preparation. Place Settings Please list the number of place settings that you'd like, along with your order. Number of Plastic Cutlery. See Item. Number of Chopsticks. Takoyaki Balls 6 pcs. Chicken Karaage. Pork Gyoza 6 pcs.Javascript is needed to run UberEats. You can try enabling it or visiting the website with a browser that supports Javascript. Skip to content. Curry Rice. Beef Bento. Pan fried sliced beef with teriyaki sauce,served with 2 pc gyoza,Salad,Miso soup and Rice.

Chicken Bento. Deep fried tempra chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, served with 2 pc gyoza, Salad, Miso soup and rice. Pork Katsu Bento. Japanese style pork cutlet with 2 pc gyoza,salad and rice. Pork Katsu Curry.

Welcome to Yoshi Japanese - Sherwood Park

Japanese style pork cutlet with curry rice, 2 pc gyoza and salad. Vegetable bento. Boiled vegetable and deep fried Tofu with curry sauce, 2 pcs fried spring roll,Rice and Miso soup. Tonkotsu Ramen. Chicken Katsu Curry. Takoyaki Balls 6 pcs. A popular Japanese soul food. Crispy round balls made with octopus,topped with tokoyaki sauce,mayonnaise and dried bonito flakes.

Chicken Kara Age. Gyoza 6 pcs. Chicken Tempra Skewer 2pcs. Pork Miso soup. Coca Cola. Cold Green Tea ml. Melon Soda can type. White Cream Soda. C Lemon soda bottle. Melon Cream Soda bottle. Diet coke. Orange bubly sparkling water. Monster Dragon Tea. This website uses third-party cookies in order to serve relevant ads.

Learn more by visiting our Cookie Statementor opt out of third-party cookies using the link below. Sign in Create a business account Add your restaurant Sign up to deliver.Yoshi Express, a Japanese restaurant on Whyte Avenue, saw an uptick in customers after social media blogger Linda Hoang tweeted about visiting the restaurant when it was empty — a reality faced by many businesses in the pandemic.

Hearing stories of local businesses struggling brings me to tears. Hoping to just make rent. Pls consider eating here!

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Plus, Yamada added, it's one of the few places in the city where she can get Japanese cuisine and explore that part of her heritage. Police seize large amount of carfentanil. Watch this incredible sea lion stampede on Vancouver Island.

Support local with Edmonton Downtown Dining Pass. Drugs, crossbows seized by Edmonton police.

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Freshly opened Japanese restaurant sees first lineup after call put out on social media

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yoshi express edmonton

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yoshi express edmonton

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